New artists in Open Studios West Berkshire and North Hampshire

12 May to 3 June 2018

Celebrating 30 Years of the annual local showcase for the Visual Arts

It is fitting that in the 30th year of Open Studios in West Berkshire and North Hampshire, we see a great influx of new faces joining the scheme, renovating and enriching the art showcase that was started by the late Pat Eastop (MBE) in 1988.  Nature and our position as human beings on Earth seems to be a recurring theme that helps artists develop, express, contrast, criticise, generate their work.

The 23 new artists cover a large range of art disciplines: nine are painters, three are photographers, four ceramicists, three printers, one works with glass, one is a sculptor and one makes beautiful baskets and another woodwork, so you are spoilt for choice on what you might like to see.  

Amongst the ceramicists, Wendy Chamberlain talks of her love of nature driving her hand-built work in a variety of clays; Caroline Gatfield explores water and its expressions in clay with a variety of glazes and structures, Natasha Thompson works on slip-cast porcelain using personally made moulds and Katherine Kingdon creates beautiful stories in clay form, her figures will enchant you.

Julia Kellaway works in colourful stained glass creating individual items whilst Ben Norman confesses to be obsessed with concrete, intrigued by its diverse structural properties. Ben is a young artist, fresh out of college and likes to play with materials and meanings.

Of the printmakers, Charlotte Adcock works in both lino and screen printing, Kirstie Dedman uses her background in graphic design to create fun and vibrant multi-layered prints and Rosemary Derwent prints textiles with colourful textures.

Black and white photographer Fiona Cue is interested in people and stories, whilst Jason Smith explores landscapes and Jacques le Roux, in colour, is passionate about wildlife and nature.

Abstraction is well represented amongst the painters, their styles vary from the mark making of Lenny Cornforth to simplified subjects of Joan Millard, the layered, nonlinear patterns of Katie Tattersdill, the collage dances of John Percy or the poured coloured worlds of Caroline Moore. Katy Stevens work is like a complex story full of fun details and one can appreciate the graphic designer background on the work of Dermot de Courcey Robinson.

Nature is both the subject and the surface of Susan Bridge’s paintings on slates and nature and human impact is the worry of Mary Eighteen’s paintings. Erica Adams uses nature’s materials to create beautiful handmade baskets, andColin Underhay makes all kinds of objects with native hardwoods.

All the artists are represented in the flagship exhibition, INSIGHT 2018, which in 2018 will be held at Arlington Arts, in the grounds of Mary Hare School for the Deaf, in Newbury.  The exhibition will be open Monday to Sunday from 10:30am to 5pm.  We recommend that you use the show as a ‘taster’ for what you might see in the studios.

The Open Studios Directory of Artists is now out with full details of all the artists exhibiting and their opening times.  You can get a free copy in public libraries, the Corn Exchange and other local venues and the artists themselves. Or you can visit  the Open Studios website, where you can download a copy of the Directory.


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