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Open Studios Interview with Daisy Freestone

A new artist for 2019
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Daisy Freestone is one of the artists opening her studio to the public for the first time in May this year.  From her workshop in the garden of her Kingsclere home Daisy makes a variety of pots and decorative objects which are surprisingly not what they seem...

After studying Architecture at the Glasgow School of Art, Daisy’s work as an Architectural Designer has always surrounded her with interesting and new materials so it is, perhaps, not surprising that her work centres around Jesmonite, a material that is relatively uncommon in the creative world.  Jesmonite - an environmentally low impact gypsum-based resin composite - was developed in the UK in the 1980s, predominantly for use in the construction industry thanks to its versatlity as a cast material and lightweight, high strength properties.

Her architectural background and propensity for 3-dimensional design has obviously informed Daisy’s work.  Each piece is individually cast in a handmade silicone mould with the initial master shapes using found, recycled or waste objects, adapted with plaster and clay before a mould is taken.  She sees this as an investigation of negative space; turning a void into a solid object.

The theme of re-use continues into the vessels themselves, the textures of which consist largely of materials that would otherwise go to waste.  Terracotta from a local florist’s broken pots and mussel shells sometimes sourced from a local restaurant are both used.  Once removed from the mould each piece is carefully sanded by hand and then polished with beeswax, making each object a delight to hold.  The sanding also exposes the colour and texture of the material dispersed throughout the surface as an abstract landscape; the inspiration for which comes from the local landscape and the variety of colour and pattern found therein.

Daisy plans to develop the themes of landscape, natural materials and re-use of waste further in the future, hoping to develop some larger and more sculptural pieces this year. More of Daisy’s work is available to view on Instagram (@7p_studio) and

During Open Studios her workshop in Kingsclere will be open on 4, 5, 10, 17, 18, 19. 24, 26 and 27 May. 

The Open Studios Directory of Artists is out now with full details of all the artists exhibiting and their opening times. You can get a free copy in public libraries, the Corn Exchange and other local venues and the artists themselves. Or you can download a copy of the Directory.

open high-resolution imageOne of Daisy's variety of pots

open high-resolution imageA further example of Daisy's work


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