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Policies and Procedures

The committee of the Open Studios West Berkshire and North Hampshire have developed policies and procedures to guide the operation of the Scheme's activities and for the guidance of artists opening their studios or workshops to the public as part of the Scheme's activities. The policies are available below.

These policies are reviewed annually by the Chair and the Committee of Open Studios West Berkshire and North Hampshire and updated as necessary. Any that are not fit for purpose will be removed.

Privacy policy

Safeguarding policy

Equal Opportunities policy

Health and Safety policy

Risk Assessment - Open Studios

Risk Assessment - Workshops

Risk Assessment - Exhibitions

Risk Assessment - Marketing Activities

Risk Assessment - Meetings

If you are doing anything that you feel requires a specific risk assessment then the committee can provide assistance with this. Whatever role you have, if you see an accident, or what was nearly an accident, during an Open Studios activity you should let the committee know, so that we can review and, if necessary, improve our procedures.

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