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When to open

Deciding on the right days and times to open your studio can be a difficult choice

Opening at the same time as other studios nearby will increase visitor numbers. If your studio is in the depths of the country it makes even more sense to try and open at the same time as artists nearby, especially if you can point visitors to other attractions in the neighbourhood, such as a nice pub. Artists in an area can get together to create their own map, showing the location of each other's studios, and display postcards of each other's work.

On the other hand don't worry too much if you can't coordinate dates with others. You may get fewer visitors, but at least you'll know they really wanted to come to you! Surveys show that, just because two studios are close, visitors will not necessarily go to both. A strong studio may draw people to an area and have a knock on effect for studios round about. A group of weak studios may not be a magnet however many there are. A strong studio will get visitors, even if it is miles from anybody else. It may not get quite as many but visitors that make the effort will be well motivated and more likely to buy. Quality is as important as quantity with visitors.

Our feedback suggests that Saturdays and Sundays are the best days for visitors. Try opening on some weekdays and for a couple of hours in an evening. We should be encouraging members of the public to recognise that many artists work a full week. Make sure that you have work to do in the studio so that if you have few visitors the time is not wasted.


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