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Suitable premises

The word studio can cover a wide variety of premises. Some artists rent purpose built studios or workshops, away from their homes. Some have workshops or studios at the bottom of their garden or in converted garages and garden sheds. Some have a room in their house dedicated to their art. Many work on the kitchen or dining room table or in the corner of the bedroom. Any of these can qualify for most open studio events. It counts as a studio provided the public can visit the space where the work is created.

Consider which areas of your home you want to let visitors into. If your studio is at the top of the house, do you really want people tramping up stairs, perhaps through bedrooms, to reach it? Is it easy to close off those parts of the house that you want to keep private?

Another option is to share with an artist whose premises are more suitable. You will lose the studio element of your display but you will still be in a studio environment.

At Open Studios West Berkshire and North Hampshire we have an exhibition section in our Directory. This allows artists who cannot open their actual workspace to take part without disappointing the public by leading them to expect studios. This applies to those sharing somebody else's studio but also to artists who prefer to open a part of the house away from their workroom. It also allows artists to hire or borrow exhibition space for the event.


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