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If you are opening your studio and/or home to the public, it is vital to check your insurance position. You must be covered for public liability. One public liability policy we are aware of is run by The Artists Information Company, details are available here on their website. However, Open Studios West Berkshire and North Hampshire cannot and does not make recommendations as to which policy or broker you should use.

Open Studios West Berkshire and North Hampshire does not insure arts works submitted to it for exhibition, either in transit or during the exhibition. This insurance is entirely the responsibility of the artist or maker.

Artists who work in rented studio accommodation need separate insurance to cover these premises, which should include public liability. Artists working from home need to be aware that most household policies do not cover them if they open their home to the public.

You should in any case inform your insurance company that you work from home or you may find that they will not pay out on any claim, even if you are not open (and even if your work does not yield a profit). Even when a company knows, it may be unwilling to insure your stock (finished work, sculptures, pots, jewellery etc) and your materials. Insurance companies do not like continually changing household contents.

Almost certainly your household policy will not cover you for theft while you are open to the public. The insurance company may also try to disclaim your public liability clause. A good insurance broker should be able to arrange personal public liability insurance, which will cover you wherever you are working.

It might also be worth taking out home worker's or craftsperson's insurance. which will cover your materials and stock against theft and damage, and in transit. Many art and craft associations run insurance schemes for their members, as do market traders' associations.


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