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It is important to make your entry in the Directory as effective as possible. It is clear from visitor and artist surveys that an effective entry can greatly increase visitor numbers and an uninspiring one can put people off. Visitors choose which artists to visit carefully. Visitors to INSIGHT, the Open Studios flagship exhibition are encouraged to use the Directory of Artists to help them devise their own studio trail.

Requirements vary from event to event but a few basic principles apply. The Directory gives you space to do justice to your art but your words need to be succinct and make it clear to readers what kind of painting/sculpture/pottery etc they can expect to see. If your studio is difficult to find and/or parking is limited, you should use some of your words to explain your location and/or the nearest available parking.

The Open Studios Directory of Artists allows you to include a photograph of your work, and whilst we try to make these as large as possible the rarely exceed 3 or 4 inches maximum. The purpose of the photograph is to attract potential visitors so word and image should be as striking as possible. It is worth spending the money to have your work professionally shot. For 3D work an arresting photographic composition can show your work off well and for 2D work a good reproduction is essential if colour and/or tonal values are going to survive the reduction and printing process.


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