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Marketing materials

One of the huge advantages of taking part in Open studios is the amount of marketing the Open Studios team do to promote the scheme before, during and after the open month of May.

The brand of Open Studios is now very well known throughout West Berkshire and North Hampshire. Open Studios is strongly associated with high quality, creative and ground breaking art.

To help you make the most of this branding and attract visitors to your studio we have asked our designer Paul Forsey to create a number of templates for you, and to write a short guide to help you customise and use them.

The Open Studios logo is updated with the date each year, this helps visitors know that they are looking at the latest version of our material. You can use these logos in your marketing too as they have been prepared large enough to use in most printed or web based material. The logos can also be reduced in size to suit your needs.

One of our key marketing assets is this website. Please help us improve it by linking your website to ours. This will enhance the site's position in the search engines which in turn will be reflected in the links out to your website.

If you have any unanswered questions about marketing yourself and your art then please use the Contact Us form to get in touch.


Click on the link to access the resources.

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