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Open Studios and INSIGHT 2021
8th May - 31st May

Key Dates

Fri 14th August

New Artists' Accreditation Applications Close for Open Studios 2021.

Fri 2nd October

Registrations Open for Open Studios 2021.
Mon 4th January 2021
2021 Website Go-Live.

Fri 30th April
5pm – 8pm

INSIGHT 2021 Handing-in Day When you present your work for the INSIGHT Exhibition. Location: The Base.

Fri 7th May
12noon – 2pm

INSIGHT 2021 Preview You are invited, with a guest, to attend the preview of our flagship exhibition. Location: The Base.

Sat 8th May –
BH Mon 31st May

INSIGHT 2021 Exhibition You are expected to steward the exhibition for a three-hour session during this time. Location: The Base.

Tue1st June
1pm – 4pm

INSIGHT 2021 Collection Day Collect your work when the exhibition is over. Location: The Base.

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