The Watermill Theatre and Restaurant

Minnie Shaw Stewart

Exhibition of oil paintings

The Watermill Theatre and Restaurant

The Watermill Theatre welcomes over 73,000 visitors annually to its intimate, 200 seat venue. An exhibition of oil paintings by local artist Minnie Shaw Stewart are on display at the theatre. Minnie's work depicts local landscapes, she says: "I choose my spot carefully and record what I see quickly. The painting takes over. The colours and sculptural form compete until a good balance and resolution is found."


Wheelchair access

The Watermill Theatre and Restaurant, Bagnor, Newbury, Berkshire RG20 8AE

contact: Clare Lindsay
t: 01635 45834
e: admin@watermill.org.uk
w: www.watermill.org.uk

3 miles north west of Newbury. Signposted from Sainsbury's and Robin Hood roundabouts and from the A4 junction with A34.

opening times
Monday to Saturday 10am - 5pm. Please avoid Thursday and Saturday afternoons, our matinée days, unless of course you are coming to see the performance!


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