The Pat Eastop Education Project

The Pat Eastop Education Project

Working with schools

The annual education project was vital to our scheme’s founder, Pat Eastop MBE. It helps to create lifelong links with the arts for children and adults through working with practising artists. Promoting the visual arts within our schools is a key feature of our outreach programme.

In 2018 we invited schools to visit our INSIGHT Exhibition and local Primary School children took part in three clay workshops run by OS artist Diana Pattenden. Cheam School visited with 10 students aged 10-13, there was only an hour available and they used the worksheets to great effect with help from Diana and their teacher. Winchcombe Primary School visited with 6 children from Yr5 and Shalbourne Primary School visited with 10 children from Yr6. They came for a clay workshop using the exhibition as a focus.

“Thank you for the mind-blowing experience at Arlington Arts! The more hands-on part: sculpting was my favourite aspect of the day.”

“Seeing all the jaw-dropping work really inspired me. It was a fabulous opportunity that I will never forget.”

“Thank you so much for the enjoyable day. It was an unforgettable experience, it will stay with me for life. It has inspired me so much, the different kinds of masterpieces.”

“I really enjoyed learning how to sculpt things out of clay. It was the best experience ever. I loved the Pangolin.”

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