Jo Arkell

Ceramics, Jewellery

Jo Arkell

After 46 years of working with clay, thrown on the wheel and gas fired to 1300°C, I am exploring my African heritage with new work while still making practical items, forming the basis of my production. I also make beads on the torch using Venetian glass with techniques learnt on the island of Murano, exploring light and colour, setting the jewellery with sterling silver to produce unique items to treasure.

T:07791 731758 / 01264 363202

Working studio

Glendale, Woodhouse, Smannell, Andover, Hampshire SP11 6JH

t:07791 731758 or 01264 363202

Please park in the designated parking place half way along Woodhouse. Then walk the 150yds to the bungalow, Glendale, at the end of the lane.

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