Normandy Barcelo-Soto

Drawing, Painting, Mixed media

Normandy Barcelo-Soto

Born in Mexico and raised in Palm Springs, California, Normandy Barcelo Soto explores his personal culture through his paintings. He transfers the richness of Mexico and the space of Palm Springs directly onto his canvas creating an exciting experience of two landscapes woven into one. His early work consisted of Surrealist Automatism pieces. Now he has developed into homage to Action painting allowing his physical experience of the earth metamorphosis itself into his art. The language of his art is definitely the language of the earth.

T:01488 685492


Truant House, Froxfield SN8 3JY

t:01488 685492


Located right on the Berkshire/Wiltshire border. From the A4 (Bath Road) at Froxfield behind village green follow Church Road towards Ramsbury. Truant House is the former School House on the left just before the Church. Plenty of parking

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