Natasha Thompson and Charlotte Adcock

Natasha Thompson, Charlotte Adcock

Natasha Thompson

Ceramics, Drawing, Painting

Natasha Thompson

I slip cast porcelain range in small quantities using personally made moulds. After work is bisque, first fired, using an underglaze pencil I draw very unique designs on the surface of the pieces and glazes to achieve painterly affect. Some pieces are made in stoneware clay by pinching or coiling, creating large, more organic shapes.

T:07884 171366


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Charlotte Adcock

Drawing, Painting, Printmaking

Charlotte Adcock

I explore a range of themes in my work, often focusing on the natural world. I love working with nature images, changing them so they evolve into something new. I work in Lino print, Screen prints and also drawing.

I'm currently working on a series of prints inspired by British flowers and nature. I'm attempting to challenge the tradition of botanical art being painterly and transparent in its appeal.

T:07921 298427


Working studio

7 Battle Road, Newbury, RG14 6QU
t: 07884 171366


Wash Common, Newbury, West Berkshire

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