Yvonne de Savigny

Mixed media, Textiles

Yvonne deSavigny

I am currently exploring textile art and the use of layering and interweaving colour, creating texture with an abstraction of form. I'm using many methods to express myself from oils to sculpture, traditional to abstract. I allow my work to evolve organically by greatly limiting my expectation of what I see as the final piece. This freedom allows a 'flow state' where I explore new ideas.

T:07727 116989



16 Coppice Road, Kingsclere, RG20 5RS
t: 07727 116989
e: vonniedesavigny8@gmail.com


Directions from the A339, 2nd Kingsclere exit (B3051). First left, Coppice Road. House no 16 arched hedge and gravel drive. Directly opposite to South Rd.

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