Victoria Willcocks

Drawing, Painting

Victoria Willcocks

Digby, Pencil on paper, 14x12.

Victoria Willcocks

Harris Hawk, Pencil on paper, 14x12.

Victoria Willcocks

Wonky, Pencil on paper, 14x12.

Victoria Willcocks

Kudo,Pencil on paper, 24x34.

The training and experience in the photographic world gave Victoria her understanding of colour, depth of field and composition. Whilst the precise marks that can be produced whilst using colour pencil gives her the capability of producing the detail need in creating her stunning photorealistic images. Victoria has created some amazing images in various media, but she is now a master of her favourite media, colour pencil.



The Old Joinery, Ayres Lane, Burghclere RG20 9HG

t:07740 870717


I am half way along Ayres Lane, with plenty of parking. Ayres lane is just at the junction of Well Street and Harts Lane in Burghclere. Look out for WB Lettings

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