Amanda Bates

Drawing, Painting

Amanda Bates

Idyll, inks on kaolin-coated board, 12" x 16" framed

Amanda Bates

Behemoth, Indian ink on paper, 60cm x 42cm approx

Amanda Bates

Progenitor, Indian ink on kaolin-coated board, 16" x 12" framed

Amanda Bates

Backwater, inks on kaolin-coated board, 12" x 16" framed

Much of my recent work features trees and is increasingly focused on "portraits" of mature native trees encountered in the local countryside. I am equally fascinated by decoding visual evidence of a tree's past and by the human phenomenon of pareidolia, causing us to see fantastic creatures in the convoluted shapes of bark and roots.

T:017941 235647

Working studio

29 South Road, Kingsclere RG20 5RY

t:017941 235647


Follow South Road left at Penny's Hatch. 29 is on right going up hill. Studio is blue cabin at rear.

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