Hedley Smyth

Drawing, Painting, Mixed media

Hedley Smyth

My work tries to capture urban atmosphere: using combinations of newspaper or tissue on canvas, oil, acrylic, commercial paints and sometimes fabric dyes on canvass. The work is based upon city and urban locations, where the atmosphere and life is portrayed in layers to suggest structure and distance. The few artefacts, such as street objects in space also reference time, while people or moving objects give a prevailing sense of perceived place as made and experienced by people.

T:07769 294310


Wharf Side Studio, 17 Wharf Side, Padworth RG7 4JS

t:07769 294310

Located at Aldermaston Wharf, adjacent to the Visitors Centre and Cafe off the A340 (also 2-3 minutes walk from Aldermaston Station).

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