Jason Leggett


Jason Leggett

The lady in the woods, fused luminescent glass on a textured mould, 30cm x 30cm.

Jason Leggett

Autumn Forest, 7 layers of hand painted enamel on fused glass, approx 20cm x 15cm.

Jason Leggett

Deco fish splash back, 2 layers of fused glass and fish individually cut and fused into one piece, approx 60cm x 60cm.

Jason Leggett

Pink garden sail, 2 layers of glass fused into one piece in bespoke powder coated frame, approx 80cm (including the frame) x 15cm.

I work with the incredible medium of Glass to create both artistic and functional pieces. Using Fused glass and Copper foiling techniques I build both 2D and 3D creations. Glass changes with the effects of light and continues to amaze and fascinate me almost on a daily basis. I am constant learning and this is why I continue to be so passionate about this beautiful medium.

T:07518 110343

Working studio

Unit G7, Mortimer Hill Estate, The Street, Mortimer RG7 3PW

t:07518 110343


Turn into Strawberry Fields and take the immediate turning on the right follow the lane and take the LH fork to the open area at the bottom My studio is through the yellow door

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