Tom Cartmill

Drawing, Painting, Mixed media

Tom Cartmill

Circle on Collaged Fragments, ink on paper on aluminium, 71cm x 90cm.

Tom Cartmill

Fragment form a Pavement V, ink on paper on board, 44cm x 39cm.

Tom Cartmill

Remnant, ink on paper on aluminium, 87cm x 110cm

Tom Cartmill

Circle on Fragment V, pencil on paper on aluminium, 64cm x 72cm

"There is a sense of the primordial in the highly textured and intricate work of Tom Cartmill. Abstract and realised largely in monochrome, his compositions suggest large themes of time and space, beginnings and endings, creation and decay... Much of his recent work is suggestive of microscopic entities or geographical features, but with a strange and hypnotic beauty that in no way relies on narrative interpretation." Sarah Williams

T:07530 927007

Working studio

The Art studio, Unit 1 Amners Farm, Burghfield, Reading RG30 3UE

t:07530 927007


Either: Off A33 - Grazeley turning (near Junct 11, M4). Or: Off A4 - Burghfield turning.

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