Demi Lang

Drawing, Painting, Mixed media

Demi Lang

Brighton Pavilion, Mixed media drawing on grey paper, 103cm x 54cm.

Demi Lang

St. Edmunds Hall, Oxford, mixed media drawing on gray paper, 37cm x 42cm.

Demi Lang

Corinthian Column, Mixed media drawing on grey paper, 57cm x 67cm.

Demi Lang

Parisian Turrets, Mixed media drawing on grey paper, 40cm x 40cm.

Demi finds inspiration in urban landscapes, particularly beautiful architecture and the impact light has on its shape and form, creating ever changing highlights and shadows. She recreates this in her mixed media drawings to bring her subjects to life. Demi welcomes you to view her work and creative process in her new studio.

T:07989 510539

Working studio Wheelchair access

Trelawney, Chapel Lane, Hermitage, Thatcham, Berkshire RG18 9RP

t:07989 510539


In Hermitage turn off B4009/Hampstead Norreys road into Chapel Lane. Trelawney is set back immediately on your left.

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