Claire Howarth

Drawing, Painting

Claire Howarth

Contemplation, Acrylic, 150cm x100cm.

Claire Howarth

Forever Love, Acrylic, 76cm x50cm.

Claire Howarth

Out of the Wilderness, Acrylic, 76cm x50cm.

Claire Howarth

Sunny, Raccoon, Acrylic, 30cm x30cm.

I am a animal artist, I love the challenge of capturing their character as much as their looks. Acrylic is my medium, bold bright and big, Is how I would describe my work.

T:07519 558963

Wheelchair access

Ilsley Villa, Shaw Hill, Newbury RG14 2EQ

t:07519 558963


Head straight over the roundabout by Love Lane, as if you are heading towards Hermitage. My house is the first house on the right, after the two bungalows.

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